The Knife Design Toolkit

You can start to make your own custom designs today!

You can design any of the knives shown above in 60 seconds or less!

You don’t believe it can be done? Check out this video:

Make sure to select HD quality and to view it in full screen mode!
You do not have to be a computer whizz kid to do this! It is very simple to do. Detailed instructional videos are included – run time: more than 45 minutes.

Check out these examples

All of these designs were created with elements from the Knife Design Toolkit.

Version 2.0 of The Knife Design Toolkit contains great new features

Here is a free tutorial video to get you started!

There is no investment whatsoever needed: the tools we will use are free, too!

Make sure to select HD quality and to view it in full screen mode!

All major knife supply shops have contributed to the Knife Design Toolkit

These shops are great! They got many ready made blades available to get you started. But there are also tons of materials available – for the handle, pins, bolster, etc. Our Knife Design Toolkit allows you to dry run the look of your dream knife before you order any materials!

Suppliers! Would you like to be included? eMail

How much stuff does the Knife Design Toolkit contain?

There are more than 450 elements included! Here is what you’l get:

Shop Blades Handle Materials Examples
Brisa 56 34 6
Dictum 32 4
Jantz – 40 35 7
Nordisches Handwerk 10 27
Schanz 4 6
Texas Knifemaker’s Supply 64 90 7
Weber Messer 8 11 5
Total 206 197 35
The Knife Design Toolkit of course also includes a detailed step-by-step tutorial video, which will teach you how to use the components in the video!
You can view it online or on the go. No need to mess around with DVDs.

Here is an advanced tutorial video – it’s free!

Make sure to select HD quality and to view it in full screen mode!

Buy now and start to create your own designs within the hour!

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100% money back guarantee!

In case the Knife Design Toolkit is just not for you, simply shoot us an email and we will refund 100% of what you have paid. No questions asked!

What do I need to use the Knife Design Toolkit?

Next to nothing. You need a PC or a Mac. The software is free. It even works without installing it – this means you could also run it at work from a USB drive…

You need very basic computer skills -the Knife Design Toolkit is meant for designers, craftsmen and artists – no nerdy whizz kid computer skills required!

  1. fabiofabio03-13-2012

    Hi I’d like to use the knife design toolkit but I didn’t understand where I can download it…

    • Grit60Grit6003-13-2012

      Hi Fabio,

      Just press the big green “Go>” button at the bottom of the page!


  2. NickbladeNickblade04-07-2012

    Alec, your email was very helpful! You have done absolutely fantastic work, for the tool kit and all the videos that you have made! Thank you very much!

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